Toyota BJ-40 Land Cruiser 1982 Diesel

Toyota BJ-40 1982 Diesel, Restoration and modification
This is the pictures of restoration and modification of BJ-40 1982 Diesel. Originally was '82 Hard Top version in Muleta Red T1454 (maroon red), will be converted into Soft top Version in Desert Color Scheme.
We try to restore using genuine parts as possible, make some minor modification and adding new better parts. Thanks to Mr. Farid (Diran) that successfully 'break' this car into pieces and put them together again. You are the! The pictures are sorted by the date.

3 Feb '10 Latest appearance of Navy Blue Land Cruiser.

Feels free to write some comments and enjoy the show........



Mantabs abis fj-na piss...

Dwi said...

Thanks Mas, saat ini berhenti dulu karena dompet dan harga part belum seimbang. Semoga bulan depan semua tagihan lancar, biar bisa selesai.

Kalo suka foto2, saya ada klub fotografi. Boleh gabung kok.

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